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Hainan Very Bearing Co.,Ltd

Hainan Very Bearing Co.,Ltd

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As a professional bearing designer and manufacturer,Hainan Very Bearing Co.,Ltd ,we export various ball and roller bearings, bearing rings,dust cover,stamped parts to the world market with own 

advantages in competitive price and cost control. Meanwhile we attach importance to quality control highly.


Most of our

products are closed to the lever of international standard.All the process such as forging, turning, heat treating, finished grinding, assembly and testing ,had been controlled strictly to ensure the quality and stable supply.


Founded in 1998,we specialize in bearings,bearing rings,dust cover,stamped parts etc,

Specially we have advantage in design and produce the custom bearings and non-standard stamped parts.. 


main products:

1 Miniature bearing

1)Metric series  (I.D : 1mm ~12mm)

602-609 Series, 623-629 Series, 633-638 Series, 682-689 Series, 692-699 Series

2) Inch series (I.D : 1.984mm~ 12.7mm)

R2-5ZZ, R2-6ZZ, R2ZZ, R2AZZ, R166ZZS, R3ZZ, R3AZZ,R168ZZS, R188ZZ, R4ZZ, R4AZZ,R1810ZZS,R6ZZ, R1038ZZ,R1212ZZ , R1970, R2480, SR4ZZ, L-1150ZZ, L-1470ZZ, L-1790 ZZ etc


3) Metric or Inch size with flange

MF52ZZ,MF62ZZ,MF72ZZ, MF82ZZ , MF63ZZ, MF83ZZ , MF93ZZ MF74ZZ, MF84ZZ MF104ZZ, MF85ZZ, MF95ZZ, MF105ZZ, MF115ZZ,MF106ZZ,MF126ZZ,MF117ZZ,MF137ZZ,MF128ZZ,MF148ZZ, F696ZZ, F693ZZ etc

2 LFR Series track rollers with U Groove     

LFR50/4NPP, LFR50/5-4KDD,LFR50/5-4NPP, LFR50/5KDD,LFR50/5NPP,LFR50/8KDD,LFR50/8NPP,LFR50/8-8NPP,LFR50/8-8KDD,LFR30/8NPP,LFR5201KDD,LFR5201NPP,LFR5202NPP,LFR5301KDD,LFR5301NPP,LFR5301-20NPP ,LFR5302KDD ,LFR5302NPP,LFR5201-12KDD,LFR5201-12NPP,LFR5201-14KDD,LFR5201-14NPP,LFR5201-10.40NPP ,LFR5204-16KDD,LFR5204-16NPP,LFR5206-20KDD,LFR5206-20NPP,LFR5206-25KDD,LFR5206-25NPP,LFR5207-30KDD,LFR5207-30NPP,LFR5208-40KDD,LFR5208-40NPP,LFR5308-50NPP

3 SG Series track rollers with U Groove

SG10 SG15 SG15-10 SG20 SG25 SG35 SG15N SG20N SG25N SG35N

4 V-W Series Track Rollers with W profile (V groove)

W0,w0x,w1,W1X,W2,W2X,W3,W3X,W4,W4X,W4XL,W4XXL,W1SSX, W2SSX, W3SSX, W4SSX,

5 LV Series Track Rollers with V groove

LV20/7ZZ LV 20/8 ZZ, LV20/10ZZ, LV 202-38 ZZ, LV 202-40 ZZ, LV 201 ZZ, LV201-14 2RS, LV 202-41 ZZ, LV 203 ZZ, LV 204-57 ZZ, LV 204-58 ZZ

6 Wire guide and straightening rollers


SL11162RSV0.6-90,SL13162RSV0.6-90, SL13082RSV2.5-120, SL16162RSV1-90, SL16082RSV2-120, SL19162RSV1.5-90,BKA6082RSV2-120, BKB6082RSV2-120, BK608ZZV3-120,M600ZZV1.7-90, M600ZZV1.4-90, M600ZZV4.3-90, BKA6202ZZV6-90

683ZZ0.6-90, 683ZZ0.3-90, 624ZZVH0.6-155, 634ZZV0.7-90, 625ZZV2.4-120, 625ZZV1-90, 625ZZV1.3-90,

625ZZV1.2-90, 625ZZV0.8-90, 625ZZV0.6-90, 6252RSV1.5-90, 6252RSV2-120, 6352RSV2-120,

6262RSV2-120, 626ZZV1-90,608ZZV1.5-90,608ZZV2.5-120,6082RAV2-120,6201ZZV2.5-100,6201ZZV1.8-90                           


7 FR Series Track Rollers with V groove/LR Series Cylindrical Rollers

FR10 ,FR10Z ,FR15 ,FR15Z ,FR20 ,FR20Z ,FR22 ,FR22Z ,FR25 ,FR25Z ,FR35 ,FR35Z ,LR10 ,LR10Z ,LR15 ,LR15Z ,LR20 ,LR20Z ,LR25 ,LR25Z ,LR35 ,LR35Z


8 Flange Bearing



9 Custom Bearing

Custom bearings could be ordered according to the request.


Our products are mainly exported to Mideast, Pakistan, Canada, Southeast Asia, South America, Singapore, 

South Korea and other countries all over the world.

More than 94% products are exported to US, Europe, Japan etc. 

With high quality product, competitive price,prompt delivery, we own wide recognition of clients. 

We will firmly depend on technology and talent advantages, and do serve for you all the time.


Our management philosophy: honesty and reliability, internally cooperation, globalization. 

We warmly welcome friends from home and abroad come to our company to develop regular business relations.

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Hainan Very Bearing Co.,Ltd

Business Type: Manufacturer,Agent,Exporter,Trading Company,Seller
Main Market: North America,South America,Western Europe,Eastern Asia,Southeast Asia,Middle East,Africa,Oceania,Worldwide
No. of Employees: 100~200
Annual Sales Volume: $5,000,000-$10,000,000
Brand(s): VR
Year Established: 1998
Address: No.388,Binjiang Road,Qiongshan District,Haikou City ,Hainan Province,China
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